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3,5 étoiles sur 159 avis
16 jan 2022 à 7:55 Food was very bad.. panner tikka masala is full of sugar.. i think they used sugar instead of Salt..very bad and I am giving 0 ratting...
5 jan 2022 à 22:22 Excellent food, delivery is a little long though.
29 déc 2021 à 21:06 Biryani is nothing like Biryani atall, just some tasteless spicy rice. Then they rip off with mandatory side rice… with Biryani which is a rice dish itself. Pakoras were soggy, with nothing to go with it. Delivery time keeps increasing.
25 déc 2021 à 23:45 too oily, too spicy, too much sauce for not enough vegetables, too pricy for what it was. would not recommend.
23 nov 2021 à 20:50 Had the chicken madras, it was very tasty. Highly recommend it
6 nov 2021 à 23:35 Good food as always but.. Order not complete - no Naan bread
27 oct 2021 à 15:48 My drink wasn’t delivered
4 oct 2021 à 10:55 rice was rotten, probably too long outside a fridge...
22 jui 2021 à 22:05 Trop long les délais... Delivery was way too long. Don't buy there if you are hungry!!!!
27 jun 2021 à 18:26 Il a manqué le Naan commandé et payé , à la livraison !
10 jun 2021 à 7:38 Repas simple. Naan commandé et pas livré
5 jun 2021 à 21:19 Delivery took ages, was very strange. Samosas were very tasty but the other food was ways too sweet, we did not enjoy that at all, unfortunately.